Non-woven vest bag wholesale, quotation

by:KUOSHI     2021-03-15
u003cpu003eRecently, due to tight inspections on environmental protection. The market for non-woven vest bags has become unprecedentedly good. Why do you say that. The editor recently received many customers who inquired about non-woven vest bags. And a large part is exported abroad. However, the vast majority are inquiries. At the same time, all the inquirers are traders. However, why can't it be done for knowledge inquiry? The editor analyzes, there are two aspects, one is the problem of the inquiring customers, blindly looking for prices, not quality. The second is our problem, of course, it is not a problem. Because as our professional non-woven bag manufacturer, every product has a standard. And our products have quality standards, and there are certain industry standards for prices. And when these two points happen to meet together, it is naturally contradictory. We have certain quality standards, so the relevant prices are also standard. However, the non-woven t-shirt bags recently consulted by customers blindly pursue cheap prices and don't care about quality. Therefore, this violates our company's production standards. Therefore, it has always been in the majority of customer consultations, but very few transactions. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eMany customers ask why our non-woven t-shirt bags are so expensive at wholesale prices, even if they want to place an order with us, they feel powerless. Regarding this issue, I also briefly mentioned above. So here, I will elaborate. The quality of our products is better than that of ordinary manufacturers. Many merchants, in order to take orders, have no bottom line to keep prices low. However, you have to make money if the price is lowered. At this time, it is time for those merchants who take orders at low prices to cut corners. Of course, since some customers only value price and don't value quality, it doesn't matter. However, in this way, the non-woven vest bags produced are shoddy and will give people who use non-woven vest bags a very bad impression of non-woven vest bags. In this way, it will make the promotion of environmental protection more difficult. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eThe non-woven vest bags made by Shenzhen Textile can generally bear about 8 kg. The cheap ones are already Amitabha at a weight of 5 kg. Therefore, our factory's non woven bags are a bit more expensive, and there is a reason. They use real standard materials, not shoddy. Produced according to customer standards. Therefore, the price will be a bit more expensive. In addition, many customers always ask how much a non-woven vest bag is when they consult. Regarding this question, I can only tell you who are consulting, the more you do, the more discounts you have and the cheaper it is. As for the real quotation, the quotation must be based on many factors. It's not just a simple sentence of how much money, we can give you a standard answer. u003c/pu003e
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