Non woven bags

We use non woven as bag,but what is non woven material?
Non woven also call non woven polypropylene,is a recyclable plastic fabric ,now often used to make promotional tote bags. Non woven polypropylene is the new miracle fabric. Nonwoven polypropylene is a practical fabric because it is strong and extremely lightweight, so it is convenient to carry as well as inexpensive to ship. The fabric is also comfortable and soft; it is commonly used to make surgical masks and gowns.

Non woven bags promote a greener earth because they are reusable, easy to clean, recyclable, and sometimes made with recycled products. These non woven bags can be quickly wiped clean, and some of them are machine washable in cold water if they are drip dried. Most nonwoven polypropylene bags are made of 5-type recyclable plastic. Reusing and recycling them could save many standard plastic bags from sitting in a landfill. After the nonwoven polypropylene bags have been recycled, they may even be made into new totes.

Kuoshi's custom non woven bags series include multiple types. Good materials, advanced production technology, and fine manufacturing techniques are used in the production of custom shopping bags. Custom reusable bags & grocery bags personalized with your logo on Kuoshi. Browse custom reusable bags available in recyclable or biodegradable styles that will get the attention of your audience. 

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