Cotton bags

Cotton bags: The material of the cotton bags are a kind of woven fabric made of cotton yarn. Different kinds of varieties are derived due to different tissue specifications and different post-processing methods. The concept of cotton cloth is very wide. It can be said that any fabric whose raw material is woven with cotton yarn can be called cotton cloth.

However, it is put into the daily life to understand. It is generally believed that cotton is made of single-strand, relatively fine cotton yarn. It has the characteristics of softness, moisture absorption, breathability and warmth. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle. There are a wide variety of cotton fabrics, such as plain cloth, poplin, hemp, twill, thread, velveteen, corduroy and so on. 

Cotton bags are natural, recylable and enviornment friendly, perfectly used for shopping, promotion and carrying things. 

As a modern manufacturing company of custom printed cotton bags, Hangzhou Kuoshi Imp&Exp Co.,LTD. is mainly engaged in the production, processing, trade and service of custom shopping bags. The custom printed cotton bags series is widely praised by customers. Kuoshi provides diversified choices for customers. 

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