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by:KUOSHI     2021-03-24
u003cpu003eDue to the serious global white pollution, the country has rapidly upgraded from a plastic restriction order to a plastic ban order. Plastic bags have been used since the 1850s to the present. It dominates the world in the future will become history. Slowly replaced by eco-friendly bags. The non-woven bags is a kind of environmental protection bag. It is an upgrade of ecological civilization. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eIn today's life, plastic products are used in all aspects. Plastic bags are frequently used in our daily life to buy food and normal shopping, which brings convenience to our lives, because it Its raw material is polyethylene, which cannot be degraded naturally, causing tremendous pressure on the environment. Occupying a lot of land, affecting the sustainable use of land, it takes 200 years to degrade it under the land. It has become a problem in the world.u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e A new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, non-flame retardant, easy to decompose, recyclable, etc. As for the outdoor 90 days, it can be naturally decomposed, and the indoor life can be up to 5 years. Substances, so as not to pollute the environment, are recognized by the state as environmentally friendly products that protect the earth's ecology. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eNon-woven vest bags, also known as supermarket non-woven shopping bags, use high-temperature pressing to make non-woven vest bags made of non-woven materials. The raw material is fiber, and its basic degradable style is the same as that of supermarket plastic shopping bags, also called vest bags. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eIn order to save costs, traditional plastic shopping bags have thin materials and are easily damaged. If they are to be strong, they will inevitably cost more. Compared with non-woven vest bags As far as plastic bags are concerned, they are more robust and resistant to abrasion, so their service life is very long, which is incomparable to plastic bags. In addition, due to environmental protection, supermarkets are also restricted from giving customers plastic bags. Need to pay extra, due to the durability of non-woven vest bags, it is more economical and cost-effective to use than plastic bags. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eIn addition to robustness and durability, non woven bags also have advertising effects. A beautiful non-woven vest shopping bag is more than just a product packaging bags. Up. Merchants can promote their brands and products, as well as an important sign that shows the supermarket's contact information and service objectives. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eSo the elimination of plastic bags is the need of the times, and it is a matter of time for non woven bags to completely replace plastic bagsu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003e
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