Fashionable and environmentally friendly canvas bags will become the new favorite

by:KUOSHI     2021-03-07
u003cpu003eCanvas bags are closely related to our lives. I don’t bother to go out with a backpack in summer, but small pieces such as tissues, cosmetic bags, perfume, etc. are necessary. At this time, an oversized bags becomes a savior! But leather bags are inevitably heavy, and fashionable canvas bags are the first choice! u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eCompared with other products, canvas bag has the following 5 advantages, so we are willing to choose it:u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e First. Environmental protection canvas bag, the biggest cost is The fabric and some canvas bags are all made of environmentally friendly ink. Generally, they will not cut corners to save a little money (unless they are fooled by the manufacturer), so this place can also be called environmentally friendly;u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e Two: The canvas bag is strong and durable. I noticed that there is no damage to the fabric of the eco-friendly canvas bag that has been used for two years, but the thread is opened in some places (sometimes heavy things are pressed, and the manufacturer does not do it well),u003c/p u003eu003cpu003e  Third. Canvas bags are also called canvas bags, because many companies have designed their cloth bags beautifully for publicity, and they are also very functional. What are lined, zipper, mobile phone bags, bags? Interlayers, dark layers, etc., are really carefully considered. Of course, God is paying off. Everyone loves to carry a good environmentally friendly cloth bag, and it is the propaganda rate. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e Fourth. Canvas eco-friendly bags have more fabrics and more textures, most of which are fine and smooth. The printing and imaging effect is very good. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e  Fifth. It is also easier to clean, and it is not easy to deform after washing, which is much stronger than non woven bags. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e Canvas bags are now also carried by many stars, appearing in the public's field of vision, and becoming a trend. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e For example, the star Song Qian also took a canvas bags from CHANEL, the one with super large capacity, the classic canvas with the big logo, it is casual and the big-name texture. On October 1st last year, a netizen ran into Yang Ying Angelababy carrying a canvas bag to the market to buy food, and on April 13 this year, the backpack used by IU on the way to work attracted the attention of netizens. IU was wearing a gray sweater and black jeans. Comfortable clothes appeared in the parking lot with a white eco-friendly bags. Ma Sichun carried a CHANEL tweed canvas bag before. The jumping color collocation lights up the whole body...u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eThe canvas bag is printed with the company's slogan, which is fashionable, environmentally friendly and generous. Focus. If you also have ideas in this regard, welcome to find our factory. Create your own canvas bag! u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003e
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