The method of measuring the weight of non-woven bags is actually like this

by:KUOSHI     2021-02-28
u003cpu003eMany customers don’t know how to measure the weight of a non-woven bag in a standard way. They often use their own understanding to measure the weight of a non-woven bag. For example, what we call the weight, some people think that the weight is the weight of a non-woven bag. Actually not. And this grammage means that there are many kinds of fabrics for one square of the fabric of this non-woven bag, and then the material standard of this bag is mentioned. So, I will talk about the weight of a normal non-woven bag in a way that people often understand.   A hand-sewn non-woven bags of conventional size, 80 grams of non-woven fabric weighs about 40 grams, and 90 grams of non-woven fabric weighs about 45 grams. This is the weight before printing. If there is printing, the weight will increase a little, because the ink also has weight. The ultrasonic process is different. The 80-gram non-woven bag is about 35 grams, and the 90-gram non-woven bag is about 39 grams, which is lighter than the usual manual sewing. Let's talk about the size for everyone, you can understand.  The size of our non-woven bag is 45CM wide * 38CM wide, and the total weight is about 48 grams. We need to know the thickness of the non-woven fabric, which is generally based on how many grams per square meter to determine the thickness of the fabric. For example, 70 grams, 80 grams, and 90 grams all refer to the weight per square meter. As long as we know the total weight of a bag, we have to think that if the weight of all areas of a bag is added up, then we have to split the fabric first.   First of all, let's look at the visual width of the handle. The normal width is 62.5px, and the actual width of the fabric of the handle is generally 155px. Then the length should be measured,    we first calculate the length of 1250px, the area of u200bu200bthe handle is 6.2*50*2 (root) u003d 0.062 square meters, and then look at the bag body, see this specification, there should be no side Side. (If there is a side, then you have to measure the side specifications) It also depends on how many cm the bag is folded in. Normally it is 75px. The seam position on the left and right sides is generally 25px. The total area of u200bu200bthe bag body is: Height (45 + 3) * 2 (surface) * width (38 + 2) u003d 0.384 square meters, which means that the total area of u200bu200ba bag is 0.446 square meters is 48 grams, so that you can calculate that each square is about 108 grams. If there is a side, it is about 150 grams. Of course, this value is not the real grams of the non-woven bag you have on hand, because there is a hand in the middle, and there is a hemming, deduct the bag in your hand , Basically around 120G. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eThere is also a film-coated non-woven bag. Compared with the original fabric, the film-coated non-woven bag has more materials including opp film, printing ink, and coated plastic. In the past few years, when the film was first started, the sum of the three under normal circumstances was about 30 grams. In recent years, the film technology has improved in order to reduce costs. Under normal circumstances, it will increase about 25 grams. If the current laminated non-woven bag If there is no increase of about 25 grams after coating, it is necessary to consider whether there is a quality problem with this non-woven bag. Now about 25 grams should have reached the limit under the premise of qualified. If it does not reach 25 grams, please check whether there is a quality problem. Usually, the film is less than 25 grams in terms of firmness. The film will be separated from the non-woven fabric when the film is mixed with your fingers. This is due to the lack of particles during the coating. The reason why non-woven fabric and opp are fully compounded together.   We can also calculate the original grammage of the cloth after knowing the increased grammage of the film. We use a special square scale to weigh the compounded square weight, and then subtract 25 grams to get the actual weight of the fabric used by the non-woven bag manufacturer. You can know if the non-woven bag manufacturer has Have done cutting corners. If you don’t understand, you can ask the customer service staff in detail. The fabrics produced by the manufacturer are different from those produced by the manufacturer. These values u200bu200bare also different. It is recommended that 80 grams is generally used. Everyone hopes to cooperate for a long time, so the quality is You can rest assured, direct manufacturers, quality and quantity. thank you all. Shenzhen Textile is always looking forward to providing customized services for all partners who need non woven bags. u003c/pu003e
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