The market prospect of non-woven shopping bags is immeasurable

by:KUOSHI     2021-03-13
u003cpu003eThe existence of plastic bags brings more convenience to everyone's life. It is indispensable in many occasions, and it is also very convenient to use. The price is cheap, and the applicable crowd is very wide. Soon after its introduction, it has become a popular shopping bags in the country and even the world. However, with the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for living standards and living environment. They oppose pollution and advocate green environmental protection. The use of plastic bags has not been so good in the market. Yeah. Thus ushered in the birth of non-woven shopping bags. Especially after the 2008 plastic restriction order was promulgated, non woven bags have gained unprecedented development in the market. In the future, non-woven shopping bags may replace plastic bags! u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eLight industry analysts believe that population growth will have a smaller impact on non-woven shopping bags than other textiles used in apparel. But if considering the important application of non-woven fabrics in baby diapers, population growth is also an important factor. The natural fiber part will be replaced, which has a greater impact on textiles, but has little impact on non-woven fabrics, because the production of non woven bags basically depends on man-made fibers. Commercial development of man-made fibers and professional application of non-woven fabrics: Due to the issuance of international economic treaties, the trade of microfibers, composite fibers, biodegradable fibers and new polyester fibers has been developed. This has a greater impact on non-woven shopping bags, but has little impact on apparel and knitted textiles. Replacement of textiles and other supplies: This includes replacement of non-woven textiles, knitted textiles, plastic films, polyurea foam, wood pulp, leather, etc. This is determined by the cost and performance requirements of the non-woven shopping bags. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eIntroduce a new, more economical and more effective production process: that is, various articles made of polymers, the application of competitive new non-woven fabrics, and the introduction of special fibers and non-woven textile additives . According to the '2012-2016 China Non-woven Shopping Market Survey Report' released by relevant agencies, the white pollution produced by plastic bags has attracted more and more attention, which has triggered people's attention to environmental protection. White pollution is the name given to plastic garbage polluting the environment. Plastic bags are finally thrown away as garbage or sent to landfills. It takes hundreds of years before they can be decomposed. Countries in Europe and other parts of the world are taking more and more measures to limit the number of plastic bags provided by stores. These reasons are the key to replacing plastic product bags with non-woven shopping bags in the future. The future of non-woven shopping bags may become better and better. Reject white pollution, reject environmental pollution, advocate 'green travelStart with me, start with the use of non-woven shopping bags! Textile vision: May the world stay away from white pollution! u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003e
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