Choose non-woven material for vest bags and vest bags

by:KUOSHI     2021-03-11
u003cpu003eVest bags and waistcoat bags are currently the largest type of packaging bags in the temporary packaging bags market. Speaking of vest bags and waistcoat bags, in terms of appearance, they are really vivid. And the origin of the name of this bags is because it looks like the vest and mannequin we usually wear. There are several common materials for vest bags and vest bags currently on the market. One type of plastic vest bag, the other is non-woven vest bag. These two kinds are very many. However, the current market situation seems to be controlled by the environment. Recently, environmental protection inspections have been strictly enforced, so plastic bags are about to be blocked. On the contrary, the non-woven material vest bags can obtain the existing market value. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eWhy is it better to choose non-woven materials for vest bags and vest bags? From the perspective of environmental protection, after the non-woven material is used, it can be better decomposed even if it is discarded in nature. And plastic bags, thrown in nature, will not be degraded for decades, so they are not suitable for the current environmental protection theme. When we customize non-woven vest bags, it is necessary to understand the basic structure of non-woven fabrics. Let's take a look at Baidu and see what Baidu Baike says. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eNon-woven fabric (English name: Non Woven Fabric or Nonwoven cloth), also known as non-woven fabric (usually in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), is composed of directional or random fibers. It is called cloth because of its appearance and certain properties. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eNon-woven fabric has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low price, and recyclable. For example, polypropylene (PP material) pellets are mostly used as raw materials, and they are produced by a continuous one-step method of high-temperature melting, spinning, laying, and hot pressing. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eNon-woven fabrics have no warp and weft threads. They are very convenient for cutting and sewing, and they are light in weight and easy to shape. They are very popular among craft lovers. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eBecause it is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun and weaving, it just oriented or randomly arrange the textile short fibers or filaments to form a web structure, and then use mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical Reinforced by other methods. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eIt is not interwoven and knitted together one by one yarn, but the fibers are directly bonded together by physical methods, so when you get the sticky When weighing, you will find that it is impossible to draw out the thread ends. Non-woven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle, and has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production rate, high output, low cost, wide use, and multiple sources of raw materials. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eIt is precisely because of the organizational characteristics of non-woven fabrics that it can be easily degraded in the natural environment. The non woven bags made of non-woven fabrics, because of the good performance of such degradation, can obtain a better presence in the packaging market. u003c/pu003e
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